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Interloper consists of Miles Dimitri Baker (Ænimus), Aaron Stechauner (Rings of Saturn, ex Abiotic), and Lucas Mann (Rings of Saturn). Melodic, Technical, and Progressive music bringing forward a new style of music that fans of all genres can enjoy and appreciate.

Miles Dimitri Baker, as well as Aaron Stechauner met at age 15, and started playing music in several bands together. The idea for what has become "Interloper" was created around age 16. The first three songs, "A Red Letter Day", "The Conjuration" and "Absolution pt.I" were written between then and age 18, now one year later, almost half a dozen other songs have been written that will be featured on Interloper's debut album.

As Miles had begun touring with Ænimus, Aaron had already been touring with Abiotic, then shortly after leaving Abiotic, he joined up with Rings of Saturn. All the while Aaron had been filling in on drums for Ænimus on tours, as well as touring with Rings of Saturn. 

At this point in time, Miles and Aaron agreed on the idea of having Lucas Mann join Interloper after a very short lived experience of Miles and Lucas writing together for another band.